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Family Tree Maker Software

Family tree maker software is a software which helps you to build your family tree. In the FTM software you can keep records of  your family.  In the FTM 2017, you can keep records of your family members like, their date of birth, occupation, date of marriage, children’s, spouse and many more.

It has proven to be a very useful software to maintain information about your relatives and family. You can also save pictures of your family members and relatives so that you can easily recognize them. Even you can also save their professional details and the place where they live.

The family tree maker software was developed with a lot of research and hard work. You can use the family tree maker software with the basic version or the deluxe version as per the requirements.

Family tree maker support is available for the mac and windows operating system.  All you need is to download the family tree maker software and install on your windows or Mac system. 


About Family Tree Maker Software

family tree maker is a very popular software especially in United States.  The popularity of the family tree maker software is increasing at a rapid rate. The family tree maker software is designed in a user friendly interface which is easy to handle and use.

If you are interested in keeping records of your family tree then you must give a try to the FTM software.

This is all for the FTM software. If you face any difficulty with the family tree maker software then you can contact us for the family tree maker support. Here is our family tree maker 2017 software support number: – +1-833-814-5111.

We are available 24/7 to assist you for family tree maker software. 

Sharing Your Family Tree Maker

We always keep updating our users about the problems a user face in using FTM. Today we are going to discuss about sharing your family tree maker. 

Yes, you can share your family tree with your loved ones. You just need to invite them. All they need is to tap on the invitation connection on their email. When they will accept your invitation for the family tree, they are allowed to view your FTM.

Here, we have described about the steps which you need to follow to share your family tree maker.

                On the Ancestry, you need to tab on the trees tab and then pick a tree.

Now you have to tab on the tree menu you will find in the upper left corner and then select sharing.

Click on the email option. Now you have to enter the email address of the beneficiary’s you want to add on your  family tree.  If you don’t have email address of that person then you can simply add their username. After entering email or username, just click OK.

After this, then you will send the invitation to the person you want to add in your family tree.

Now you need to select the role you want to assign to the user.

Here are the roles you can assign to the individual with whom you are sharing your family tree.

Guest: –  If you are assigning the role of guest to the individual you are sharing your family tree then they have the authority to view your family tree and give remarks.

Contributer: – Assigning a contributor role to individual will give the authority of adding pictures, stories, remarks and records to the FTM you are sharing.

After assigning the role to the individual you want to share your family tree, you need to send the invite.

The person whom you have shared your family tree will get the invitation to join your family tree maker.

Individual will get the email which has the subject “ Welcome to our family tree”. If they already have an Ancestry account. They just need to sign in to Ancestry and connect to your FTM.

If they don’t have the ancestry account then they have to create one and then connect with your family tree maker.

We hope you this information will help you. We have described the process in the easiest way. Even if you face any problem then feel free to contact Family tree maker support number for more information. 

Here is our family tree maker support number: – +1-833-814-5111

How To Delete Multiple Users In FTM – Not Related

In this section, we are going to discuss about how to delete multiple users in FTM which are not related to your family tree. We suggest you to keep peoples which are related to your family tree. To make your FTM chart simple you need to delete users which are not related to your family tree in any way.

Now, here is the process which will help you to delete multiple users. You have to select the person which you want to delete from your family tree. Select the person and now you have to hold the CLTR key and left mouse click and then you will get the “delete the user” option.

We hope this information will help you. Even if you face any problem in deleting multiple users, feel free to contact us. Here is our family tree maker support number: –+1-833-814-5111

FTM Features Which Are Amazing

Here, we have explored the amazing features of FTM 2017 which will help a user to use the family tree maker software in the easiest way. The key product features of FTM are as follows: –

Family tree maker software helps you to explore your family history.

Family tree maker software has introduced the digital version of the companion guide to help the user to easily navigate the software.

Family tree maker software helps you to easily build up your family tree with reports, charts and many more options.

Family tree maker software also gives you the option to sync and update your family tree.

Family tree also helps you to see the history of interactive maps and family timelines.

It helps you to build up your family tree very easily.

The family tree maker software helps you with color coding option. You can apply up-to eight colors to a single person in your tree.

These are some of the amazing features of the FTM. We will update you about the new features of the FTM as soon as there is available.

How to Sync Your FTM 2017?

In this section we will discuss about how to sync your FTM. It is a very simple process. You can sync your family tree with the help of the laptop. As you know you can link your Ancestry to multiple family trees.

There are three ways through which you can connect to Ancestry.

You Can Also Know About The Weather With The Sync.

You can also sync weather with the help of FTM 2017. It is one of the advance features of FTM.

There are three ways through which you can sync weather with the help of FTM. They are: –

If you see the red window then the sync system is down.

If you see the orange window open, then there must be some caution. It indicates that there is some problem which needs to be resolved.

Now, if everything is OK, a green window opens.

Recover Old Faded Photos in Family Tree Maker Software

If you don’t have the updated version of FTM 2017 which is family tree maker 2017 version then you have to update to the FTM 2017 software.  Without the updated FTM 2017 version you will not be able to recover the faded photos.

The updated version of family tree maker 2017 gives you the option of recover the old faded photos you have in your family tree.

Match, Merge & Search in Family Tree

If you want to search for the file, you can easily do it in the updated version of FTM which is family tree maker 2017. You can also match it according to your needs and then merge it as per the requirements. You can read more about FTM on Wikipedia.

How to Install Family Tree Maker 2017 Software?

If you are a FTM user and want to install FTM 2017 on your windows or Mac operating system then you are at the right place. Here, we have explained in detail about how to install family tree 2017 software version in simple steps.

For your information, here is the key point that older version of FTM does not support Ancestry.  Ancestry only gives access to the latest version of the family tree which is 2017 version.

The latest version of family tree gives you the search, match and merge option. You will be happy to know that there is a discount on the latest version of the FTM.

The family tree maker upgrade plan is $79.99 and if you are in the mailing list of FTM then you will get the updated version with the $20 discount rate. If you are a member of Ancestry then you don’t have to buy the subscription plan for Ancestry

When Did The Family Tree Maker 2017 Update Announced?

The family tree 2017 version is available in the market from March 2017. It has introduced a new feature which is family sync.

When you are installing the latest version of FTM 2017, make sure to sign in with the latest updates which will help you to use the software with great ease.

There are many questions asked by users about if they move to a new windows or Mac computer or laptop do they need to install old family tree to the new computer. Well, the answer is no. You don’t have to install the old version of FTM. Install the latest version of family tree maker 2017.

After installing FTM 2017, you need to sign in. All your information will automatically carry forward to the new version of FTM 2017.

How to Migrate to Family Tree Maker 2017?

Make sure to convert all the files from the old version of FTM when you are installing the latest version of family tree maker. All your data can be easily migrated from the old version of the family tree to the new version.

Here are some simple steps which you need to follow. They are: –

Step 1 – In the first step, you need to open the tree you want to migrate. Simply create the backup for that family tree.

  Step 2 – You will get the option of include in backup. Select the items like media or photos for which you want to create the backup.

Step 3 – This is the simple step. Go to the updated version of family tree and select the restore option from the menu. Select the folder where the backup is located. Open the folder and now choose the location where you want to save the file.

Now select the family tree maker sync option and you are ready to go.

These steps will help you to install your family tree maker 2017. In case, if you face any difficulty in using family tree you can contact us on this number: –+1-833-814-5111

How to Create Family Tree Maker Free

Want to make family tree maker for free. In this section we have explained about how to make your family tree maker free. You don’t have to pay for it.

As we all know FTM helps you to look at your family tree and helps in saving the data for your family. Through FTM you can keep trace of your old generation.

Family tree maker free only needs a single person to start. Since every member of FTM has an extraordinary story to tell, family tree maker helps you to save those stories for your younger generations.

With time, your tree will became large and big. Well, the best part to start with family tree maker free is that you don’t have to start with a lot of information. You can easily start with the information you have or you have collected about your ancestors.

There are many software available in the market through which you can make your FTM. We will suggest you to go with family tree 2017 version.

The site which you need to follow to make your FTM is There you will find all the information about your FTM.

If you face any problem with the FTM 2017 feel free to contact us on this number –+1-833-814-5111

How to Make Your Family Tree in The Easiest Way

We hope you have read all the information provided above. Before moving with this article we will like you to read about FTM and its uses. You also need to read about how to install FTM. We have described about it in the upper section of this page about FTM.

The main reason FTM is used widely is that it helps in knowing the evolution about the generations. Foe e.g – Suppose your ancestors were farmers and later in the generation your ancestors changed their occupation. Some of your ancestors became doctors, engineers etc. Now in this way you will came to know about the evolution about your ancestors.

All you need to create family tree is the correct and as much information about your ancestors.

The first thing you need is a family tree maker software.  You will get it from Mackiev. Make sure you get the latest version of the software which is family tree maker 2017 version. In the latest version of the software you will get the amazing features. We have described about the features of the family tree maker 2017 version above. The update version of FTM 2017 also gives you the hints about your family tree which helps you to create your family tree easily.

Make sure to keep all the historical data with you about your ancestors. You can also find information about them  over the internet. Since the information over the internet is free of cost so never stop yourself from research. It will help you to create your family tree in the easiest way.

Tips to Create Your Family Tree Maker Chart Easily

If you want to make your family tree then you are at the right place. You seems to be a family tree- maker lover. We will not disappoint you. We have tried to provide you the best information as we can to help you.

In case you want family tree maker help, you can directly contact us. You can call us on this number+1-833-814-5111

Let’s move ahead with the topic. If you want to make your family tree maker chart, then let us tell you. It is not that easy. You must have a lot of information about the FTM 2017 software.

Another point, if you are planning to do it manually then it takes a hell of time to organize family tree maker chart and it doesn’t guarantee you the accurate results. In simple words, you will waste your precious time.

Since, to make family tree maker chart you need to be tech savvy guy. It will help you to understand this information. If you are not tech savvy then we will try to explain the process as much easy we can.

How to Draw Your Family Tree Maker Chart

This thing doesn’t need you to be a tech savvy guy. All you need is to take a chart  and pen. Draw your family tree on that chart. If you have large family then you need to buy professional software for that.

We will suggest you to buy FTM 2017 software which is the updated version of FTM. It provides you with the latest features and advance option to create family tree.

If you want support for the FTM software, feel free to contact. We are glad to assist you. You can contact on this number –+1-833-814-5111

Family Tree Maker Advance Features

Want to know about the advance features of family tree. Be happy, you are at the right place. Here you will find all the latest and informative information about family tree  maker.

If you are new to family tree then you will start liking family tree maker software after reading this. If you are a regular FTM users then you will love this software more.

The family tree maker 2017 software helps you to upload information about your ancestors without any difficulty. The software guides you throughout the process.

Let’s move forward with the topic. Here we are listing some of the advance features of family tree.

Reporting –  The FTM 2017 software helps you in creating reports in the easiest way. You can also print the reports.  It helps you to create family group sheets and pedigree charts. It also gives you the option to save reports in the PDF format and then you can also send them to your email.

The best part about FTM 2017 reporting is that it allows you to create data error reporting. It helps you in checking the mistakes you have made which creating your family tree.

Filters –  It helps you to start building your family tree. You can narrow down the information you want to keep or want to remove from your family tree.

We have meet many FTM lovers. They have shared their valuable experiences with us. How FTM changed their life.

We are planning to start a blog section where we are going to share experience of family tree users. If you have a story do share with us. We will help others to know about your experience with family tree.

We know the importance of family tree and how much you are dedicated to secure your family tree data. There will always be the challenges which will hassle you. Don’t worry, we are here to support you.

We are glad to assist you. For family tree maker support call on our toll free number –+1-833-814-5111

Till then, stay tuned for more updates

How to Backup and Compact a Linked Tree

If you are updating your family tree or sync your FTM 2017  then you need to compact up your family tree and then create backup with external drivers like flash drive or USB drive

How to Compact Your Family Tree

You need to follow three steps in order to compact your family tree. They are: –

You need to select compact option

Now you need to click on the compact option

Now, you will see a pop up which says”compacting is successful” then you need to click “OK”

How to Save Your Family Tree Maker 2017 File

In any case if your family tree crashes, it make make you loose your data. Now, how to stay secure from this condition. Well, there is a very simple answer to this problem. You need to backup your FTM on daily basis. You need to backup copies of your FTM on regular basis. You can save then files on other devices, Google drive or any other medium on which you are comfortable.

Now, if you think your FTM get backed up on Ancestry. Yes, your family tree is backed up on Ancestry but certain portion of family tree doesn’t get backed up on Ancestry. Later on your FTM doesn’t get sync with sync.

We suggest you not to relay on Ancestry for backup. If you face any issue for backup related problem in FTM, we are here to help you. Call on toll free number +1-833-814-5111

Frequently Asked Questions From FTM Users

In this section, we have included the questions about FTM which are frequently asked by FTM 2017 users. The main reason of updating this section is to provide our users with the information which is mostly searched over the internet about FTM

My FTM is not connecting to the Internet

If your FTM is not connecting to the internet, the major cause for this problem is “firewall has blocked the access to the FTM 2017 software”. If you face any such kind of difficulty, don’t worry.

Here we are discussing the solution to the problem. Follow the process and you will easily recover from this situation.

Here, we have explained the process. Here is the settings which you need to apply to your browser which will help you to connect your FTM to the internet. These settings are for Internet Explorer.

We have explained the process in steps which will make it easier for you to follow the commands.

Open the Internet Explorer browser

Now click on the tools in the upper right section of the browser

Next step will be to select the “ Internet Options”

Click on the “security tab” option

When the security tab open. You just need to click on the internet icon

Know your roots

Like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions and different situations but our roots keeps us all together

we just a call away to help you Toll free